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What to do in Jersey on a cloudy day

Even sunny Jersey has overcast days! Nonetheless, our guests can always find something to do – here are just three suggestions of what to do in Jersey on cloudy day 🙂 

Visit St Aubin’s Fort at low tide

What to do in Jersey on a cloudy day - Porthole Suites self catering accommodation in Jersey
What to do in Jersey on a cloudy day

When the tide is out, you can walk in 10 minutes across to St Aubin’s Fort from the village’s harbour slipway (by the Yacht Club) or, indeed, from St Helier itself across St Aubin’s Bay (50-60 minutes’ walk).

You can access most parts of the Fort and the rocks and little secluded beach behind it.

It’s a haven for sea shell gatherers and there are plenty of interesting rock pools. From the fort, if the tide is low enough you can walk across to Belcroute beach or the town… or you can just head back for a well-deserved break at one of St Aubin’s cafés or Porthole Suites.

Visit St Helier

There’s a regular bus service to our town, St Helier, and you can get there by car in 10-20 minutes. There’s plenty to do there: eateries, museums, the Victorian covered market, shops, the beach, walks… take your pick! In most of the car parks you need the scratch cards (available from all newsagents and some car parks), but in Sand St, you can pay by pre-paid card or debit card (just a 20p surcharge).

Visit Elizabeth Castle

Elizabeth Castle is very different to Gorey Castle (Mont Orgeuil), and is well worth a visit. Access is via a causeway from St Helier at low tide, or on a Castle amphibious ferry. Details of events, opening times, etc, can be found at Jersey heritage’s site. If you don’t want to go in, it’s still a nice walk out there when the tide is low.




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