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The Round Island Walk

Collas Crill round island walkThe Collas Crill Round Island Walk takes place on the Saturday nearest the longest day of the year, and for good reason! On average, it takes about 15 hours to get round the 48.1 miles of coastline, but you go at your own speed and it really is worth attempting, at least once. This year it’s on 18 June.

One of our friends (left) did it for the first time last year and vowed he’d never attempt it again. Needless to say, he’s booked his place for this year! The walk starts at Elizabeth Harbour at, heading east, so the sun will be rising over the sea when the majority of walkers are on their way up the east coast a couple of hours later.

The walk raises money for a range of Jersey-based charities, and entry costs £35 per person, or you can enter a relay team if you prefer. There’s also the Lieutenant Governor’s walk (10.9 miles) if you don’t think you can manage the whole route, for which the fee is £30. You must enter in advance, here.

It’s a long way around the island and the north coast in particular is very rugged (hundreds of steps and many rocky sections), so if you plan to enter, make sure you train properly and have the right kind of footwear. You’ll also need sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and maybe a rainproof jacket. Your bag (spare clothes, food, anything else) will be transported from checkpoint to checkpoint for you, so you won’t have to carry much on the day. It’s still a big achievement to finish it, though!

Incidentally, the walk used to have a different sponsor and was known as the Itex Walk (or just ‘the Itex’) so locals will often still call it that.

Enter the event here.


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