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Jersey in Autumn

There are plenty of places to stop and enjoy the views. Here you can see Mourier Valley starting shortly after the bench
There are plenty of places to stop and enjoy the views. This is near Mourier Valley on Jersey’s north coast.

Our beautiful Island is a great place to come in the summer, and we’ve enjoyed a wonderful summer here at Porthole Suites. While we can’t guarantee wall to wall sunshine in Jersey, we certainly get more than our fair share of lovely weather.

But autumn has finally arrived and that means visitors to Jersey and Porthole Suites can enjoy the island in different ways. For example, at the moment, many restaurants and eateries around the island are still offering great “Tennerfest” deals, with super meals starting at just ten pounds. Jersey is developing quite a reputation for great food and from the ones we’ve sampled, it’s well deserved.

A lot of people find the cooler weather in autumn is more comfortable for walking, too, especially around some of our hillier coastal paths. With autumn arriving later here than in most of the British Isles, the trees are still mostly in leaf and full of colour, and the countryside and lanes are as lovely as ever for walking, cycling or a leisurely drive.

Organised walks include seabed walks to some of our more remote stretches of shoreline and coastal towers, including the most remote, Seymour Tower, on 13th November. These walks, and others, continue all through the winter months, too. Our big tides mean the island grows and shrinks by a massive amount between low and high tide, so a guided walk is the best way to avoid getting caught out by the incoming sea.

And when the weather is less conducive to outdoor activities there are museums, a multi-screen cinema, the Opera House and plenty of fascinating and tempting shops and more to occupy you indoors or under cover. And, of course, you can always come back to the luxury and cosy comfort of Porthole Suites.